Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Chapter 8

I was a bit anxious, trying to figure out where we were going.

We ended up at a small restaurant, it was fancy, really fancy.

“You can afford this?” I said.
He just looked at me.
“Oh, right, didn’t clue in” I laughed, “but I don’t want you spending too much on me”
“I will spend whatever I want on you” he said.
“I just want to be with you, I don’t care about how much you spend”
“Fine” he sighed.
I just smiled.
“Well you’re easy to get along with” I laughed.
“I try to be” he shrugged and then flashed his smile my way, “come on”
He took my hand and led me to the table.

I wasn’t starving so I just ordered a salad. He of course was a bit hungrier than myself, ordering a steak and the whole nine yards. I just looked at him curiously as he handed the waiter the menu.

“What? I don’t come here often, I want this to be worth it” he said.
I just laughed, “I have to admit, this place is beautiful”
“Just like you” he said.
“Cheesy much?” I said chuckling.
“I can be cheesy, it was the perfect moment, I took it”

Not only did he crack a joke here and there to make me smile, but he was sweet, adorable, and not to mention amazing on the ice. This guy was everything I was looking for and more, I couldn’t believe he was mine.

“That was great” I said as we made our way out.
“Glad you liked it” he said.
I just smiled.
“Ok, well honestly, that’s about as good as it gets tonight” he said.
“It’s ok” I said, “we can do something back at my place”
“I was thinking more back at mine” he said.
“You’re hotel room?”
He just winked and I started laughing.
“I suppose, but seriously, no funny business”
“Fine” he sighed.
I just laughed.

We got to his hotel room and I sat on the bed.
“Aren’t you rooming with someone?” I asked looking up at him.
“Well…yes, but he’s out, I told him to stay out…”
“Kris!” I said laughing.
“Sorry, is it a crime that I want to spend a little time with my girlfriend?” he said mischievously.

I just smirked as I let his lips collide with mine. I slowly fell back on the bed without leaving his lips. His hand made its way up my leg and I pushed it back.

“Kris…I’m not doing this now” I told him, “I already said that”
He just sighed.
“I love you baby, but I’m just not ready…if that makes sense” I said.
“Perfectly” he said, “I suppose I can wait”
I just smiled and kissed him. “Ok…can I borrow some clothes?” I asked him, “I can’t stand this dress anymore”
He stood up and looked through his mess of clothes and tossed me a penguins t-shirt and shorts.
“Thank you” I said going to the bathroom.
I came out and both were huge and baggy on me, but they were so comfy.
“Nice” he laughed.
“Shut up” I said sticking my tongue out at him.
He just laughed as I curled up next to him on the bed.
“I know we didn’t do much, but I did have a good time tonight” I told him.
“I did too. Spending time with you, no matter where it is, is all I needed” he said.
I just smiled and kissed him.

He grabbed the remote while I laid my head on his lap facing the tv. He was searching through when I caught a glimpse of a movie.

“The Notebook!” I said jumping up and grabbing the remote, “we’re watching it”
“Not even going to argue” he laughed.
“Thank you” I said smiling proudly.

I laid back on his lap and watched the movie. About half way through I looked up to see Kris asleep. Typical man. Can’t even watch a chick flick. But then again he looks so cute when he’s sleeping. I sat up against the headboard and watched the rest, well just barely. I fell asleep just as it was ending.

When I woke up the tv was playing some weird foreign movie. I turned it off and looked at my phone and saw it was 3am. Ally had called once and texted me a few times cause she had no idea where I was. I replied back and assured her I was fine, and I fell asleep at the hotel. I turned over and Kris was still dead asleep, the same position he fell asleep in.

I gently took off his hat and tossed it onto the floor. His hair fell in his face and I brushed it away. I just smiled and lightly kissed his cheek. He shifted but didn’t wake up. I just chuckled and laid back down. I watched him sleep before I fell asleep myself.