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Friday, October 9, 2009

Chapter 12

*ok so im completely stuck on this one, so beaarr with me. it's not my most stellar chapter. it's almost like a filler til i get something going with it. i want something original you know? so ya. but pleaseee comments would seriously mean the world to me. thanks guys!*

I was in complete shock. I kept looking down at my left hand, smiling every time. I was just sitting with Kris, I felt awful for not getting him a gift, i actually had no money at the moment, I have been paying off so many bills and just didn't get the chance to. He didn't care I think the best gift was me saying yes.

"I have to call my parents" I told him bouncing off the bed.

He just chuckled as I grabbed my phone. I dialled quickly and waited anxiusly for someone to pick up. Finally my dad did.

"Merry Christmas Daddy!" I said.
"Merry Christmas baby" he said.
"How is everything, I wish I could be there"
"Everything is wonderful. And I know you're busy but your gift will be here when you get here, don't worry" you could practically hear him smiling on the phone.
"Thanks dad" I smiled, "can I talk to mom?"
"Sure thing" he said. You could hear rustling as the phone moved around and then my mother's voice.
"Mom!" I said, "Merry Christmas"
"Merry Christmas sweetheart" she said, "how's Kris?"
"He's good" I said turning to look at him, "very good" I bit my lip. He just smirked at me.
"When do we get to meet him?" she said.
"Well, whenever we can get down, I mean Kris is leaving here tonight to be in Pittsburgh to leave for New York, then a road trip..he may not be back here until the New Year or after..."
"Well sweetie don't worry about it" she said, "whenever you guys can get down here is fine by me".
"Alright" I sighed again.
"Sweetie, it's ok" she reassured me, "it's what happens when you fall in love with someone in professional sports"

I just chuckled. It was true. Not easy at all seeing him come and go so often but it was necessary, and I'm so glad she understood.

"Thanks mom, I love you"
"I love you too, merry christmas"
"Merry christmas" I said and hung up.

I sat down next to him and sighed.

"You ok?" he asked.
"Yah, it sucks not being able to be there"
"Don't worry about it, we will get there, I promise" he said kissing my forehead.
I just smiled, "thanks Kris"
"Anything for you" he said.

All day we honestly didn't do a thing. We just sat in bed all afternoon, talked. I couldn't even think straight at the moment, everything was coming together so fast, it didn't make sense. I was so in love, and right now, this moment, I wanted it for the rest of my life.

"Well it's time" he said steppin off the bed.
"I'll miss you" I told him.
"I'll miss you too, but I should be back soon..wait--"
"What?" I said anxiously, "did you forget something". I started looking around the room.
"No" he said.
I looked back up, "what?"
"Come to Pittsburgh"
"Jules, how often am I going to get down here other than a few road games and the summer. Come live with me. I mean, we will be getting married am I right? Why not start now?"
I just smiled and jumped off the bed into his arms, "I love you"
"I love you too" he said.
"I'll get a ticket and be up there tomorrow" I said kissing him.
"See you then" he said grabbing his stuff.

He walked out the door as I gave him a final quick kiss goodbye. Where the hell was I going to get money to buy a ticket to Pittsburgh?