Friday, February 26, 2010

Chapter 19

Everything about this whole thing sucked. That kiss meant more to me than she knew, but I knew it meant nothing to her. Also, seeing the two of them together again killed me. He doesn’t deserve her after what he did, how does she take him back after that?

“You ok Max?” I heard Flower ask.

I turned my head to him and sighed, “I’m fine” I replied leaning down to lace up my skates.

I heard some chatter come into the dressing room and saw a crowd of guys coming in, including Kris. I just glared at him, in which he replied back with a long stare. He knew how I felt, but he didn’t care because he had her. He had her and I didn’t.

Practice felt longer than usual. I wasn’t on my game, ever since getting back from that shoulder surgery, nothing has been the same. Plus she has been on my mind.

I took a shower after practice and changed into my clothes. I left Mellon and drove anywhere but home. I decided to grab a coffee at Starbucks. I sat down near the window and took a sip of coffee when I spotted a familiar face out of the corner of my eye. Julie, with her laptop propped in front of her.

She caught my eye too and just smiled and waved and I went over and sat across from her.


“Hi” she smiled, “what are you doing here?”

“Just grabbing a coffee, I needed some time to think too”

“Oh really” she seemed interested as she shut her laptop, “what about?”

I wasn’t sure if I should tell her. Tell her that her smile is all I’ve been thinking about. Her blue eyes are burned into my brain. Her personality can light up the room, the sound of her laugh is stuck in my head like a bad song on repeat. Spending those few days with her changed my life completely. I feel like she’s made me a better person, she understands me, she just gets me.

“You still there?” she said quietly.

“Yah, sorry”

“You ok? You don’t seem like you”

“That’s cause I’m not like me…”

“What’s wrong?”

I moved my chair closer to her and she started to look nervous.

“What are you doing?” her voice was shaky.

I didn’t say anything, I just placed my hand on her cheek and slowly leaned in to kiss her. She resisted for a slight second but finally caved in. I pulled back and she just stared at me in shock.

“What?” was all she said.

“Julie, I know it’s probably not something you want to hear, but I love you”

“What?” she said again.

“I’m sorry, I’m done denying it”

“Max…I love Kris”

“Then what was that?”

“You kissed me”

“You didn’t exactly resist”

She just sighed, “Why are you doing this to me?”

“I’m sorry…”

“You know what? I need to go” she said putting her laptop in her bag and throwing it over her shoulder, “I’ll see you later”

Monday, February 22, 2010

Chapter 18

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I didn’t know what we were at this point. We weren’t together, but at the same time we weren’t apart. He was trying to earn my trust again, and he wasn’t doing so bad.

I had moved back with him and I was happy. He was trying really hard, and you could see it. He did want this, I could see it, but I wanted to trust him without having to think about it. He was cleaning, filling up the fridge and still keeping up with his hockey while I tried to find another job. He even bought me flowers, for no occasion when he came back from his road trip.

“Wow” I said, “I was not expecting this”

“It’s the least I can do” he smiled kissing my cheek, “you deserve it”

I grabbed a vase from the cupboard and filled it with water and stuck them in. I just put them on the kitchen table and looked at him as he stood on the other side of it.

“Why are you trying so hard?” I asked.

“Because I love you” he replied, “I want this to work, I want you to trust me again”

“I must admit” I smirked looking at the flowers than back at him, “you’re doing a pretty good job”

He came around the table and stood in front of me, towering over me. He was standing close enough for me to take in the scent of fresh soap off his skin. He knew it didn’t take much to draw me in, and right now, he was doing it.

He took my face in his hands and just studied it, like he was trying to read me. He just slowly leaned in and took my lips into a deep kiss. He took my breath away in just that moment and I couldn’t help myself. I pushed myself closer to him as I took the kiss deeper and you could feel the heat growing between us.

He pulled back only to pull my shirt over my head and I followed by unbuttoning the dress shirt, slowly, to make him want it more. He got impatient and just pulled it off, as the last few buttons scattered. I just smirked and he moved back to my mouth, picking me up as I wrapped my legs around his waist.

He laid me down on the bed and trailed kisses down my neck and shoulders. He stood up for only a moment and slipped off his pants. He was suddenly over me again and he unbuttoned my jeans with one hand, and helped me shimmy them off and discard them in a swift motion.

His hand gently slid up my leg, stomach and then rested his hand on my cheek and placed his lips on mine for what felt like the millionth time. I arched my back as his other hand reached back and unsnapped my bra. He discarded it and our bodies intertwined together finally as my hands wandered over every inch of his body.

This wasn’t sex, he was making love to me. He was showing me how much he loved me, how much he truly wanted us. Right now, I trusted him with every fibre of my being. He was all I thought about, nothing else even mattered, I could only see him, I could only feel him.

He placed a final soft kiss on my lips that still managed to leave me breathless as he slowed down my heart rate. I rested my head on his chest without a word. I listened as his heartbeat matched mine. I just let out a long sigh and placed a gentle kiss on his chest.

“I love you” I whispered.

“I love you too”

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chapter 17

*Pretty sure I have the best readers in the world! Thanks for bearing with me and my tiny rant that I let the whole world see. I just needed to get that out there to see if I really did have readers. So thanks for that. Enjoy this one. Not very long, but it will come, I promise :)*

I woke up that morning to an empty apartment. Max must have left for practice. I just looked through my packed bag and put on a pair of dark jeans and a white v-neck t-shirt. I still didn’t know what to do. Without him, it seemed like my life was out of order. I missed him, simply put.

He would have been at practice too, so there was no point in trying to call him. I sat on Max’s couch and flipped through the channels, contemplating what I should do, I wasn’t even paying attention to the tv.

I heard the door open and Max emerge. I just smiled and he responded back with a smile.

“I’m surprised you’re still here” he said.

“I don’t know what to do anymore” I sighed, “I miss him, but if I go back, I’m just paranoid that something like this could happen again”

“Just so you know, he wasn’t in his right mind at practice today. Something was off”

I just swallowed a lump in my throat. He was in pain because of me. But I was in pain because of what he did to me. I need to talk to him, it hasn’t even been that long and I’m going insane.

“I need to talk to him” I said grabbing my keys. He just looked at me and I smiled, “Max, thank you for letting me stay here, I’ll be back for my stuff”

He just wrapped his arms around me and I kissed him on the cheek, “see you soon”

“Go get him”

I put the keys in the ignition and listened as the car came to life. I sped through the streets finally arriving at the place I called home for so long. I almost ran to the door, unlocked it and ran up the stairs. The door was slightly open, I quietly pushed it open and I saw Kris and the back of a tall blonde. You have got to be kidding me.

“What the fuck is this?” I snapped.


“So this is her?” I heard the blonde say, who I knew as Kate.

“This is me” I replied, “why is she here?”

“Because you dumped him”

“I left him because of you!”

“Well either way, he’s with me now” she said wrapping her arm around him.

He pulled away, “that is not why you’re here”

“Then why is she?”

“Because I’m trying to tell her it’s over and done”

“Is that right?”

She just nodded and my stomach immediately filled with knots. He was dumping her. How do I know that on his next road trip he won’t just go and do this again with another girl he randomly meets?

“You need to go” he said. She just huffed, turned on her heel and was out the door.

I stood there staring at him. I had no idea what I was supposed to say or do. My heart started racing every second he moved closer to me. He just pulled me into a hug unwillingly. After a minute I decided to wrap my arms around him. I had to admit, it felt good.

“I’m sorry”

“I don’t believe you”

He just sighed and ran his hands through his hair.

“But it doesn’t mean I soon will…”

He just looked at me with a confused expression and I just looked down at the ground.

“I want you back, more than you’ll know, but you have to earn my trust back Kris. And if this happens again, don’t expect another chance. I will actually leave”

“I’ll take that”

“Ok then, let’s see if we can make this work”

A huge smile spread across his face and I couldn’t help but smile back. I don’t know how this will turn out, but I can’t live my life without him, and this is all I can do right now. I don’t know if he deserves this, but I need him.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Chapter 16

“You cheated on her!?” he exclaimed shoving me into the wall.

“It was a mistake” I replied.

“A mistake that has a heartbroken girl sitting in my apartment with nowhere to go”

“She’s with you!?” I snapped clenching my fist

“She came to me, a friend” he replied.

“She stayed with you!?” I ignored what he said.

“I didn’t try anything on her Kris. She’s in love with you, I’m not that idiotic”

I just scoffed and tried to walk away but he grabbed my arm, “she left everything for you, you better think of a way to make this right before she’s gone for good” I just pulled away from him and walked down the hall.

I didn’t know what I was supposed to do anymore. All I knew was that I loved her and that everything I did was a mistake. I never meant to hurt her. I couldn’t bear to see her cry, it broke my heart. Watching her leave broke my heart.

We’ve been through a lot and for it all to be thrown away over this, is ridiculous. It is my fault, but she wouldn’t even talk about it. She wouldn’t even let me speak. She can be so hotheaded sometimes.

Walking into my empty apartment, felt empty. Obviously. A part of me was missing, it was too quiet without her around. Her being at Max’s is what got to me. Max? Of all her friends she goes to him? I’ve heard him talk about her before, it just never bothered me because I knew she was mine. I knew she would never go to him. Now, I can just see him pulling some stunt to get her in bed.

*Julie’s POV*

I was stuck in Max’s apartment. I wouldn’t leave, I wouldn’t go out into public, scared I would run into him. I wasn’t ready to talk to him right now. Not yet.

I heard the door open and Max came in, he just finished practice. I was just waiting to see if he would mention him, if he said anything about me.

“How was practice?”

“Fine” he replied, “he doesn’t look too good”

I just sighed and closed my eyes. He couldn’t be doing worse than me. He was the one that cheated on me. He hurt me. He broke my heart.


“You need to talk to him” he said sitting beside me.

“I’m not ready to face him right now, just looking at him…” my voice trailed off.

“You can’t run away from it Jules”

“I know that” I snapped.

He just sighed and stood up. I just pulled my knees up to my chest and wrapped my arms around them. He just stood in front of me and looked down at me, “what?”

“Just don’t do anything stupid” he simply said.

“I won’t” I mumbled.

He leaned down to kiss my cheek but I turned my head, not purposely, and he got my lips. And because of my emotional state, I took it a bit farther than necessary. He pulled away and I looked at him in shock.



“That was nothing right?”

“Yah, nothing” he replied shaking his head.

“Alright then…”

He just moved away and disappeared into the kitchen. I tried to process what just happened. It didn’t mean anything. It couldn’t have. As much as I hated Kris right now, I still loved him. Very much. Max was just a friend, and it was an accidental kiss that shouldn’t have went as far as it did.

I stood up and walked into the bathroom to take a shower. As the hot water fell over me, I started to feel somewhat better. I had calmed down a bit since yesterday, but I still didn’t think I was ready to talk to him. I don’t think he was ready to talk to me. When he realizes how much he misses me and realizes how much he screwed up, he’ll come to me.

I wrapped a towel around me and walked into the spare bedroom that Max was letting me stay in. I walked in and shut the door behind me and then I jumped, almost losing my towel when I saw him standing by the window.

“Shit Max” I said putting my hand over my heart.

“Sorry” he replied. His face turned ten shades of red, “this room has the best view”

“Yah….can you go now?” I finally asked, when he hadn’t moved.

I saw his eyes look me up and down and then he finally moved. He walked by me and shut the door. He scared me to death, but the thing is…he didn’t make me feel uncomfortable. I was just in a towel and it felt as normal as if I was fully dressed. I don’t think that was the case for him though.

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