Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Chapter 14

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We woke up around 7am, for a 10am flight back to Pittsburgh. I changed into a pair of dark ripped jeans, a white tank top and a grey knit cardigan. I threw my hair up into a ponytail and put on some light foundation and blush. I was not looking forward to seeing Kris.

*Kris’ POV*

She came out of the room and looked beautiful, as she always does. She didn’t even look at me as she slipped on a pair of shoes. I didn’t know what to do to make it up to her. I wanted to marry her, but maybe agreeing with the one person who’s opinion rarely mattered to her, was a mistake. I couldn’t just re-propose, because she would think I was doing it out of pity.

“I’ll be in the house” was all she said as picked up her bag and opened the door.
I just sighed as I watched her every move as she went towards the house and out of sight. I felt like an idiot right now, there had to be something I could do to make this right. Maybe if I wait a bit we can talk it out…

*Julie’s POV*

I walked into the house and sighed as I sat up on a bar stool at the island. I sighed loudly to get my mother's attention.

“Something wrong honey?” my mom asked as she was making eggs.
“We had a fight” I said grabbing an apple from the bowl.
“Was it a big one?”
I just showed her my hand, ringless.
“The engagement’s off?” she asked, I just saw my dad’s head shoot up.
“He agreed with what dad said, he made it sound like he didn’t want to even marry me” I said taking a bite.
“Well why would he agree with anything your father has to say?”
“Hey!” he exclaimed from the kitchen table.
“I know, that’s what I said!” I replied.
“I’m right here” he said again.
“Sorry dad”

I heard the door open and saw Kris come in, everyone went silent, until my mom broke it.

“Morning Kris sweetie” she said, “breakfast?”
“Not hungry” he simply replied, “can we talk?” he asked directing his attention to me. I just nodded and we moved to the living room.
I just stopped in the middle of the room and stared at him, “alright, talk”
“I feel awful for what I said last night”
“As you should”
“I just want to see if we can talk this out”
“Do you want to marry me or not Kris?” I asked.
“Of course I do. You know I love you”
“Then what is the point in waiting until we’re older”
“We’re not ready Julie. We’re already fighting over stupid things”
“I know…it’s already starting to drive us apart”

He just sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. I go crazy every time he does it.

“Remember when you proposed?” I asked him.
“I could never forget it”
“You said there was no point in waiting. You said you were ready”

He didn’t respond. He just looked down at the ground, trying to find the words to say. He looked back up at me, like he was ready to say something and then looked back down. I trapped him.

“I’m sorry” I whispered.
“You don’t have to be sorry for anything” he said quietly.
“Can we just go home?”
He just nodded and moved in for a hug. I didn’t budge and just wrapped my arms around him. I didn’t know what to think anymore.

We said our goodbyes to my parents and climbed into the car. It was a quiet ride to the airport, barely making a peep. We got to the airport and waited to board the flight for an hour, and again, not much was said…until we boarded the flight.

“Julie this is killing me” he said as we took our seats on the plane.
“It is really quiet” I sighed.
“Can we just work this out. Try this again…I love you too much to lose you”
“Alright” I simply said.
He reached in his pocket and pulled out the ring, I just stared at him and then back down at it.
“Not right now” I said quietly.
“Kris, I don’t think we’re ready to be engaged”
He just nodded and put it back in his pocket, “whatever you want”
“Kris, just remember I love you…”
“I know”

We finally landed in Pittsburgh and I was relieved. I stepped out of the terminal into the airport, with Kris just behind me. We grabbed our bags and got our car that we left overnight. He drove us both home, and the ride was quiet.

We got to the apartment, grabbed our stuff and went upstairs. I sat on the couch and Kris just leaned against the wall. We wanted to talk, but I had no idea what to do.

“Kris, like you said on the plane, can we just be together? Without the pressure of being engaged. Maybe someday again, you‘ll propose, but after that fight, I see what my dad was afraid of”
“Ok” he sighed, “I guess it’s the best way to go”

I just stood up and wrapped my arms around his waist and rested my head on his chest and he just wrapped his arms around me. I closed my eyes and took in the moment.

“You’re not getting rid of me that easily” he whispered, tucking a piece of hair behind my ear.
“I would never” I smirked looking up at him, and he just pulled me into another tight hug.