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Chapter 13

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Christmas and New Years passed as I finally got the money to get myself to Pittsburgh and stay with Kris. It actually took me longer than I had hoped, but everything was working out perfectly. It was January and the Penguins were on a big homestand, and they actually had a few days break, I got an idea.

“Yah baby?” he said turning his attention to me.
“Since you have a few days, I think we should go meet my parents” I said bluntly.
“Really? Now?”
“Well, why not?” I said, “before your big road trip”
He didn’t respond, he was trying to avoid this.
“Why won’t you meet my parents?” I snapped, “I’ve met yours, not to mention most of your family, do this for me, please”
“Julie, you don’t want to bring me home to your parents”
“Why not? I still haven’t told them we’re even engaged yet, it’s the perfect time. I didn’t get to see them over Christmas”
“I have not been known to leave a great impression on parents” he sighed.
“Well there’s a first for everything” I replied sitting beside him, “My parents are going to love you, they are the most laid back people you will ever meet. You’re going to be fine” I put my hand on his cheek, “Just do this for me?”
He sighed, “Fine. But only would I do this for you”
I just smiled and kissed him, “Thank you Kris”

I was excited now. I couldn’t wait to show my parents the ring, tell them about the engagement, and show him off. It was perfect. I know my family is going to love him, how could anyone not love the guy?

I went to my room and immediately started packing. I already had a flight for tomorrow whether he was on it or not.


We were up around 6am the next morning, the flight was at 9. I finished packing last minute things and I practically had to drag Kris out the door. He was not being very cooperative. It’s not a long flight and we’re coming back home tomorrow, and then he has a game the next night and they leave for a long road trip that night. I’m starting to feel guilty. Great, I will be the reason for killing him.

We boarded the plane and I was still feeling awful. He could tell.

“Jules, you ok?”
“Not really” I sighed looking out the window, “I feel awful”
“Why?” he asked with concern.
“I didn’t think this over. I feel like I’m going to tire you out”
“Hey. Don’t worry about me” he said putting a hand on my cheek, “I’ll be fine, I’ll have some time to rest when we get back tomorrow”
“Are you sure? I feel bad for almost forcing you”
“Yes I’m sure. And the more I thought about it the more I realized I have to do this for you, and it’s not such a bad thing” he shrugged smiling that crooked smile.
I just let out a sigh of relief, “ok good, as long as I know you’re really ok with this”
“You worry too much” he said leaning back.
“I honestly don’t know where I get it from” I sighed.
He just laughed, “ah, it’s nothing”
“How is it that you can make me feel better so easily?”
“It’s a gift” he smirked.

The five and a half hour flight was quick and before I knew it we were in Montreal. We got a rental car and Kris drove the hour drive to my parents place. My mother almost jumped me when I came in the door.

“Hey mom” I laughed as she pulled back.
“This must be Kris” she asked as my dad gave me a hug.
“Yes. Mom, dad, this is Kris Letang” I smiled as they both shook his hand.
My mom’s eyes looked from Kris and down to my hand and saw the ring, “Sweetie? What’s this ring?” she said taking my hand.
“Oh, I may have forgot to mention that we’re engaged” I said biting my lip.
“That’s amazing!” she exclaimed taking me into another hug. I don’t think my dad was so impressed.
“Aren’t you a little young?” was all he said and he spoiled the mood immediately.
“Dad, don’t start” I sighed, “I’m 21 years old”
“Can I talk to you for a minute?” he asked.
“Fine” I sighed, “you ok?” I turned my eyes to Kris. He just reassured me with a nod as my dad took me into the kitchen.
“Don’t ruin this for me dad” I said the moment we were out of sight.
“Julie, you’re not ready to get married, especially to someone like him”
“Someone like him? What the hell does that mean?”
“Almost one third of the year he is back and forth, from city to city. He’s still young, and he’s a good looking guy that most girls would kill to have…”
“You think he’s going to cheat on me? Give him some credit dad! He’s not a freaking man whore, honestly” I snapped, “I trust him, doesn’t that count for something?”
“I just don’t want you to rush into this Jules, it’s a big step”
“I know how big it is dad, just support me on this. It feels right. I really love him.”
“I can see that” he said taking my face in his hands, “but between you and me, there is no one that will be good enough for you”
I just smiled and wrapped my arms around his waist, “thank you dad”
“I love you sweetie” he said quietly as he pulled back, “we better get back in there, leaving him with your mother might not have been a smart move”

Everything was going good. My dad was starting to warm up to him and my mom adored him from the moment we walked in the door. I still didn’t know how he felt. I’m about to find out.

“So?” I asked as we walked towards the pool house we were staying in for the night.
“I think that went well” he replied, “you were right about them, but I don’t know if your dad was too fond of me”
“He’s warming up” I smiled, “he’ll love you by this time tomorrow”
He just wrapped his arm around my shoulder and gently squeezed me, “you really think we can do this?”
“What? Marriage?” I asked, “Definitely, I don’t think you give us enough credit” I said nudging him.
He just smiled, “I suppose”
“Do you think you’re dad was right? That you’re too young?”
“Kris, don’t tell me you’re agreeing with him” I replied walking in the door.
“I’m not, but maybe we shouldn’t rush this, I mean, we haven’t known each other that long”
“You’re saying this now? So, you don‘t want to marry me?”
“No Julie, that’s not it!”
“Oh wow, I can not believe you’re telling me this now. Honestly”
“Don’t get mad at me, I want to marry you Julie”
“Oh ok, just not now, do you want your ring back too so you can propose to me properly?” I exclaimed taking the ring off, “Cause you can have the damn ring back”
“I’m not taking the ring Julie” he replied, “can you just relax, you’re blowing this way out of proportion”
“Don’t do that!”
“Agree with what he said!”
“He was right, look at us, we’re fighting over something ridiculous, we’re not ready to get married right now Julie, maybe soon…”
“Ok” I replied putting the ring in his hand, “that’s fine with me, you just let me know when you're ready”
“Don’t do that” he replied, “make me feel sorry for you, it’s not going to work”
“Ok” I replied.
“So what the engagement is off then?”
“I think you made that clear Kris” I sighed grabbing a pair of sweats and a t-shirt, “I’m going to bed, feel free to sleep on the couch”
“How fun, our first fight” he said sarcastically as I slammed the door behind me.

That is the first time I have ever been mad at him. Why would he propose if he wasn’t ready to get married? I really don’t understand what goes on in the minds of men sometimes. This was all fine until my dad pipes up. Did he really have to say that? Did Kris really have to agree? I don’t know, now I feel like the one being the idiot in all this, what am I supposed to do?

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